Redefining the retail experience

Experience the future of shopping with our indoor mapping and location technology.

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The biggest retailers in the world use our technology to drive customer experience

Improved customer experience

Organise your customers' shopping lists based on their location in store

Increased customer value

Surface relevant products based on a shopper's intent, purchase history and in-store location

Better picker efficiency

With our automated routing for stocking shelves and picking orders

More accessible stores

With audio prompts, accessible multi-floor routing, and clear product navigation

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Hyper's components

Scalable maps

Transform your CAD floor plans into interactive store maps in seconds.

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Hyper Location

Navigate your shoppers with sub-1m Indoor Location. No Beacons.

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Breakthrough SDK

Maps + AR + Navigation embedded in your app with our SDK.

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Coupling customer intent with in-store location to deliver spatial promotions is a retail game changer, driving personalised engagement and significantly boosting revenue.

John Walden
Ex-Executive Vice President @ Best Buy

Opening up immense opportunities and commercial upside, Hyper is able to innovate customer experiences and business efficiencies across multiple industries.

Tom Tang
Ex-CTO, Sainsburys

Of all the indoor location technology I've seen over the years, I've never seen anything with such a good customer experience and scalability.

Paul Wilkinson
Ex-Head of Technology Research @ Tesco Labs