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Pioneering indoor location & maps

The biggest retailers in the world use our technology to drive customer experience. Here's our story:

From Hyper’s inception, we pioneered a vision for the future of ‘Smart-Spaces’ and we've been leading the way ever since. Hyper’s promise is to always be cutting-edge, fast-paced and innovative at our very core as we continue to transform the world's most popular physical spaces into Hyper Spaces™

Hyper was founded by Andrew Hart, formerly a developer who pioneered the location-based AR space. Andrew demonstrated AR navigation for the first time, built a community of thousands of AR developers, and launched the largest open-source project for Apple’s ARKit, now used by Apple, Google Maps and Uber.

In 2018, Andrew started “Dent Reality” (our former name, we officially switched to “Hyper” in January 2023!) to take the next major step, and build the future of all physical retail spaces.

Today we’re a ~20 person team based in London, England, comprised of a talented group of Software Engineers, Indoor-Mapping and Location Technology experts but most importantly, we are product people that understand what makes a great user experience.

Our mobile engineers develop for native iOS and native Android applications and our web engineers ensure the widest reliability and accessibility for our online tools.

The Hyper team leadership have over 10 years experience pioneering bleeding edge deep-tech consumer products including Augmented Reality and AI mobile applications.

We travel around the world to meet our clients in person and ensure our product works to the highest degree in their retail spaces and we offer live support to the external tech teams that are integrating our SDK (Software Development Kit) into their existing consumer Apps.

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