HyperSDK: The new standard for Indoor Location

Combining Hyper-accurate Indoor Location, 3D Store Maps, and revolutionary AR Navigation.

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Grocery store experience
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Indoor Location
Combining WiFi, AR motion data, and machine learning, Hyper-Location achieves sub-1 metre accuracy at scale.
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Beautiful Maps
Effortlessly deploy interactive digital maps across all your retail locations.
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Breakthrough UX
Maps + AR + navigation embedded in your app with our SDK.

Our experience

We’ve built a breakthrough interface for mobile, which combines AR with live maps and navigation.

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Beautiful store maps

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Breakthrough AR navigation

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Simplified directions

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Detailed maps

Built from the ground up to support retail stores. Map every department, fixture, and point of interest in incredible detail.

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Departments & sections

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Store fixtures

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Customise everything

Customise your store's maps to reflect your unique brand, support multiple languages with translations, and showcase multi-level layouts.

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Colours & icons

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Spatial events and triggers

Surface relevant products based on a shopper's intent, purchase history and in-store location.

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Smooth navigation

Our pathfinding algorithms allow you to chose between the shortest route, a custom routing order, and accessible-friendly routing.

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Multi-destination shortest route

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Custom routing

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Accessible routing

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Hyper's components

Scalable maps

Transform your CAD floor plans into interactive store maps in seconds.

Learn more about HyperSDK >

Hyper Location

Navigate your shoppers with sub-1m Indoor Location. No Beacons.

Learn more about HyperLocation >

Breakthrough SDK

Maps + AR + Navigation embedded in your app with our SDK.

Learn more about HyperSDK >